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Human Umbilical Cell Therapy

Human Umbilical Cell Therapy

Regenerative medicine is becoming more and more popular as more positive testimonials surface about the utilization of stem cell injections.

Human Umbilical Cell Tissue

Utilizing HUCT from the newborn after birth increases the potency of the cells because it is a known fact as we age the number of stem cells greatly diminishes making the HUCT protocol a very popular solution. Not to mention there is no extraction point side effects or pain/complications.

Human Umbilical Cell Treatment

There are 2 types of popular treatment protocols depending on desired outcome and goals.

1) Stem Cell Injection at or around the treatment area for things like lower back pain or shoulder pain....many types of clients utilize injections for arthritis and joint inflammation as well as regeneration of cut or damages focus areas.

2) Intravenously added to a substrate that allows for a unique delivery into the body for more nervous or brain / blood barrier crossover.

Depending on your need your provider will suggest the Human Umbilical Cell Therapy right for you.

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