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Hail Damage in McKinney Texas

Hail Damage in McKinney Texas

Hail Damage in McKinney Texas

Just a few days ago, a massive hail storm tore through the whole North Texas area, destroying homes, roofs, and other property from one side of the DFW metroplex to the other, and causing extensive hail damage in McKinney Texas, specifically. 

If you were one of the hardest hit areas, you need to act immediately and call Paul Mason. Here are a few ways you can check for yourself, if you'd prefer to before you call. I would recommend calling first, and then checking, because every minute counts in a situation like this.

How Do I Know if I Have Hail Damage

An expert like Paul Mason can tell in a few minutes if you have hail damage, and to what extent, and will be able to coordinate all the parts and pieces for a complete repair, including insurance, construction, crews, cleanup, etc.

But if you're not really sure and would like to check yourself to see if you have any damage at all, here are a few ways to tell, at least to know if you should call Paul in for an official quote or not:

  • Hail will usually damage the soft metal parts on your roof, like vents, flashing, exhaust caps, vinyl trim around windows, etc. before it damages your shingles. 
  • There are different degrees of hail damage, all of which do not merit a new roof. But check for splintered wood, granule loss, edge removal, and other signs of a general "beating" from hail stones.
  • Check the older part of your roof, if you have replaced part of your roof but not all at some point. Newer roofing material tends to hold up better under abuse from a hail storm.
  • Check the "flatter" section of your roof. A steep pitch will be less damaged, while a flatter pitch will take a more direct hit from the hail, which will cause more damage.
  • If someone comes knocking on your door, beware. Oftentimes out of state roofers send crews into areas of recent hailstorms, then they're gone as soon as the do all the work they got. Their non-local crews can be unreliable as well as have no accountability. If they do something wrong or damage your property somehow, you'll never be able to track them down later. It's a much better idea to find someone just like this - from an internet search, or a phone call that YOU initiate. Then you know you're getting a real expert.
  • If you are still suspicious that you may have hail damage, call Paul Mason immediately. He'll walk you through the pitfalls of dealing with insurance companies, what you can and can't do on the first day, how to file, how to find out what's covered and what's not, etc. It's a huge challenge to get it all right, and Paul does it every day, and his customers continually sing his praises, as you can see in his reviews and testimonials, both on this site and on his website.

Roofing Contractor in McKinney

Your home is your biggest monetary investment, so don't hesitate - protect that investment and call the one roofing contractor in McKinney you know you can trust - Paul Mason of Mason Roofing. 

He'll come out and do a totally free, no strings attached, no obligation quote. Paul has extensive experience in hail damage repair, and knows exactly what every home needs to get back to 100%.

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